Welcome Aboard the Rafiot Fringant* !

After months of thinking, planning and writing, I am happy to welcome you on board Le Rafiot Fringant! I offer board games in Print and Play with a pay-what-you-can policy. This means you can print a game at home and pay what seems fair.

I’m an french independent author, doing almost all the work by myself. After years working in the publishing and graphic design sectors, I’m starting my solo career full of ideas.

My first release, Dino Soldiers, is a tactical combat game played with the same toys you had fun with as a kid : soldiers and dinosaurs !

Not only can you revisit your childhood, but you’ll also be able to play the games with children.

You can browse my website to learn more about me and my values or discover my first game Dino Soldiers.

In the next few weeks, I’ll start discussing my future projects, tweak a few things, and be available to answer your questions.


* : What means Rafiot Fringant? It’s French slang, that could be translated as “Dashing Tub”, a kind of leaky old boat that’s still hardy.

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