Dino Soldiers : what’s next ?

Did you notice that every bag of toys contains bonus material? You might find a tank, a command vehicle, a helicopter… or just bags of sand and barbed wire. If you buy a bundle at a flea market or find your old toys in the attic, you might even get a bunch of varied objects.

What should be done with all of these? It would be a pity not to use them to play Dino Soldiers! There are so many possibilities!

When I developed the game, I had a lot of ideas, all popping up in my head, thrilling me and motivating me to play! Imagine a Huey in front of a T-Rex: the chopper is desperately waiting for a tank to provide cover fire so that the units on the ground can be safely evacuated. And also, explosions.

Let’s not forget about the monsters, other than the dinosaurs, reinforcing their armies. I’ve always been a fan of the 1950s monster movies, like Tarantula, Them! or King Kong. If the toys exist to recreate all of that in Dino Soldiers, why not do it?

As I wanted a game that would be short, and easy to learn and set up, I put all of these ideas in an “extensions for later” folder. As I am a roleplaying fan and lover of stories, I wanted everything to be meaningful, to tell a story. I wanted each extension to offer interesting gameplay options, enrich the game and be a part of one big story.

I’m excited to reveal the program for Dino Soldiers, divided into episodes, just like a TV show. Some are lighter than others, while some bring major modifications, like a 3-player mode. As for the publication dates, I’d rather not commit to anything: as I want to ensure the quality of each one, I’m not ready to stick to arbitrarily set deadlines.

Enough talk, here’s a summary of the next chapters:

Episode 1 : Save Betty

Even though one of your units just fought dinos, an attack at your base camp occurs during a Support the Troops concert. Your mission? Protect and evacuate the star of the show, Betty, a tasty target for the dinos.

Episode 2 : Dr Malcolm, I presume ?

After these events, Dr. Ian Malcolm, a paleontologist, is deployed to study the dinosaurs. You’re supposed to accompany him during his expeditions and protect him. However, he’s so fascinated by the dinos that he’s quite a handful. On the plus side, a medic just joined your team.

Episode 3 : A call to Arms

The bureaucrats finally decided to act! Dr. Malcolm’s conclusions were useful. After reading the mission reports, they granted resources that were previously deemed “useless”: vehicles, artillery and defence systems are being sent.

Episode 4 : Allies or Enemies ?

Your enemies, the Vietcong, also had to fight groups of dinos. How will you react? Will you still fight one another, or rather unite to face this new threat? And what resources do they have?

Episode 5 : Behind the Lines

In preparation for a major offensive, recon units are sent to unmapped valleys. Paratroopers are sent to help.

Episode 6 : Strange Tales

The recon mission enabled headquarters to draw new maps. The zones of operation are identified, but remain full of surprises. Not only are there never seen before dinos, resembling giant animals, but even the environment seems to have been modified.

Episode 7 : Monster Movies

Distressing news! The more the units approach what seems to be the epicentre of the alterations, the more these impact everything, even insects! Now, dinos are joined by giant spiders, scorpions and ants. And they all have terrifying abilities.

Episode 8 (final) : Ground Zero 

The epicentre of the alterations is finally discovered: it’s a secret Russian laboratory, nestled in a misty valley… What creatures are hidden inside? And what if it occupied a never-ending network of caves?

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