The idea behind the Rafiot Fringant *

Here’s my story: I’m an french independent game developer, so I do almost everything myself (except for playtesting with friends, which is better than playing alone), and proofreading, which is better done by a third party. I’m not an illustrator, so I do graphic design instead. And I don’t like mass-produced games, which take months to reach customers, after numerous problems in production (or development). 

My ideal games are simple, quick and easy to understand. Players don’t have to spend hours studying rulebooks before having hours of fun.

Here’s how I intend to achieve this while working from my couch :

Print and Play (PnP) games

The Print and Play format was an easy choice. Being an independent author, a graphic/game designer hybrid having neither the structure nor the means of a publisher, this solution is not only the easiest way for me to offer my games but also enables unfettered direct access to the games and the ability to preview them before printing them (or having them printed)..

With this format, I chose to limit material required for the game to what is readily available or easy to obtain (dice, tokens, toys, etc.). Also, the games don’t require huge quantities of paper and ink to be printed.

A cooperative mindset

There’s a great advantage to offering PnP games: I can make corrections and adjustments based on player feedback. The latest version will be globally available via “my account” on my website.

Please provide feedback, suggestions, requests and adaptations on my Discord. This will enable us to fine-tune the games together, and to really make them yours.

Pay What You Can

You decide the price you pay for each game, though there are minimum and recommended prices. You are free to pay what you can, according to your budget and what you feel is right. The only required information to buy a game is a valid email address.

If you want to know more about a game before buying it, you can download the rules for free.

Print On Demand (PoD)

Once a game has benefited from your constructive criticism and has been optimized, I will make a Print on Demand version of it.

This is ideal for those with a phobia of scissors or for those who want a version close or identical to what they can get in stores. For that, I will contract a known and specialized third party.

Should the need arise, I am open to setting up crowdfunding campaigns, to get even better versions of my games

* : What means Rafiot Fringant ? It’s French slang, that could be translated as “Dashing Tub”, a kind of leaky old boat that’s still hardy.