The Inspiration for Dino Soldiers

Things we have read or watched inspire every idea. They are the well our minds draw from. When I think about it, my influences for Dino Soldiers are mainly cinematographic. Of course, these are only my main sources of inspiration. There are certainly others that I have forgotten.

Skull Island

I must admit I loved this movie. Absolutely loved it. It’s because of this movie that I instantly thought of the Vietnam War as the era for the game. This, and the fact that the “Green Army Men” toys I had were American soldiers of this era. There’s also the soundtrack for the movie …

King Kong

When I was a kid, the 1933 version made an impression on me, and I loved the Peter Jackson version. These movies helped me flesh out Dino Soldiers

Jurassic Park and Jurassic World

Both are must-sees. What else can be said?

Tour of Duty

This television series, more than any films of its kind, has always been part of my personal pantheon. And Dino Soldiers was an excellent reason to watch the series again.

Chroniques de l’ère Xénozoïque

Xenozoic Tales

These Mark Schultz comics, which has inspired numerous video games and film spinoffs under the title Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, is a true treasure. I highly recommend reading it.

Army Men vs. Dinosaurs

To wrap things up, I found a short film during my first Google search on the theme “Army Men vs. Dinosaurs” that depicts Dino Soldiers well.

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