Dino Soldiers, the printed version

Dino Soldiers treats himself to a sunny photo session

Discover the material of the PnP version of Dino Soldiers printed, cut and mounted. All the material presented has been printed on a color laser printer from the files available in the game archive.

The cardboard figures have been glued with stick glue. They are present in the archive, only to replace the toys, if you don’t have them on hand. It’s still more fun with dinosaurs and plastic soldiers!

All the elements of Dino Soldiers, with his armada of cardboard miniatures
The rulebook in A5 format, bound with two central staples
Maps and tiles
The double central page of the rulebook, with the special capabilities to quickly get used to the special capabilities pictograms
The booklet held in hand, to give you a reference point for the size. 
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